Carmel Myles(Clinical Psychologist)

Carmel Myles(Clinical Psychologist)B.ED. B.SC. (PSYCH. HONS) P.G.C. (A.PSYCH.) M.A.P.S

Carmel has extensive experience in the psychological assessment, treatment and counselling of individuals and group therapy. She has worked in a broad range of areas including anxiety, depression, trauma, behavioural problems, eating disorders and obesity, body image, self-esteem and addiction. Carmel has a special interest in the treatment of obesity and has worked as a psychologist at Metabolism and Obesity Services, Department of Endocrinology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, as well as having conducted her own research on the treatment of Obesity at the University of Sydney.

For our patients who require psychological support, Carmel helps them to learn effective coping strategies and develop a healthier relationship with themselves, their body, and food. She takes a holistic approach to helping our patients live a full and meaningful life.

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