My Weight Loss Specialists ensuring you know where you stand Your comprehensive medical assessment so you know your full situation and how to change it.

We understand your concerns

You’re here because you’ve battled long and hard with your weight. You wonder why your excess weight doesn’t go away despite your best efforts. You’re concerned about the health effects your weight is having.

Have you reached a point where you are ready for a change?

Your questions can be easily answered

Scientists have proven that this is a medical problem, and that proper medical management can improve your chances of fighting and winning against this disease.

Know where you stand

My Weight Loss Specialists offer every new patient an obesity assessment and body composition assessment.

You’ll know:

  • How much excess weight you’re carrying
  • Your risk of developing chronic diseases, like diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, heart problems, and cancer
  • Your sugar levels, cholesterol level and blood pressure
  • What the next best steps are to achieve your goals

No strings attached advice

After these assessments you’ll have the best independent medical advice to know what to do next.
You may like to join our weight loss program steps or choose another path. The choice is yours.

How to take the next step

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Obesity diagnosis

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