My Weight Loss Specialists supporting those ready for change Your South Eastern Sydney medical clinic with programs and services to lose weight for good.

Ready for change

You’ve decided to no longer blame yourself or try to fight your overweight alone.
Medical treatment can help you stand the best chance of winning.

We help you lose weight and stay healthy and happy long term

My Weight Loss Specialists offer complete A to Z weight loss care. Our team of medical experts can provide comprehensive support.

Our process:

  • We start with an assessment so you know where you stand.
  • We explore your concerns ideas and expectations.
  • We offer personalised advice and programs to achieve long-term weight loss including nutritional programs, medications and, if necessary, weight loss surgery options.
  • We support you every step of the way with our experienced multidisciplinary team.

How ready are you for change?

“I sometimes ask my patients in the first consultation to consider a scale from 1-10 and tell me how ready they are to change their diet and exercise. Some give higher numbers, and some give themselves 3 or 4.

For those who give themselves lower numbers I then ask them why they didn’t give themselves a 1. It’s then they start thinking that perhaps they are readier than they realised. They’re already doing something to make the changes they want and therefore there is always hope.
Dr Daiva

Who we support

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple calculation which divides your weight by your height squared. It is an easy way to determine whether you need to lose weight.

BMI from 25 – 30

Overweight patients needing to lose 10-15 kilograms to get back to a safe BMI range will benefit from the My Weight Loss Specialists program that guides patients toward healthier eating and regular exercise routines.

BMI above 30

These patients require more intensive and urgent support from comprehensive care which Dr Daiva and her team of experts offer.

Do you have a weight loss goal in mind?Learn more about our services that help you achieve that goal.

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