My Weight Loss Specialists helping you keep weight off The South Eastern medical weight loss clinic who really cares about you.

Not quite there or starting to regain weight?

You know you can do it. You’ve got this far. But things aren’t quite going to plan.
It may help to know this is very common. But of course, you’re still frustrated and maybe even trying to understand how this could happen.

Why are you regaining weight?

My Weight Loss Specialists believe obesity is a disease. This is NOT your fault.

Science has proven that obesity is intertwined with your genetic predispositions and individual social and environmental influences.

We know you want to change. Our job is to help you understand your choices better and to support you through challenges to succeed in the long-term.

Seek a team of medical experts who can take you further

“I know my patients have come a long way alone. They’ve learned a lot about themselves and are leading a healthier life. But even the best have a coach.
I ask my patients to just imagine what they can achieve with a team of medical experts standing beside them.”

Dr Daiva

Have a weight loss goal in mind? We tailor our services so you can reach your goals, short-term and long-term.

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