Non-surgical weight loss options Dr Daiva helps you make informed decisions about your different treatment options.

Your most common weight loss questions answered.

A consultation with our bariatric physician Dr Daiva will answer the most important weight loss questions you have.

  • How much weight do I need to lose?
  • What are the best weight loss shakes and do they work?
  • Do weight loss tablets work and do I need a doctor for weight loss pills?
  • What is the best weight loss exercise?
  • What are the best breakfasts and healthy snacks for weight loss?
  • How do I lose weight quickly?
  • What are the best weight loss supplements?
  • Can you tell me the best diet for weight loss?
  • Does hypnosis for weight loss work?

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Types of non-surgical weight loss options

  • A diet plan. My Weight Loss Specialists help patients decide on and follow a weight loss meal plan that suits their lifestyle and daily routines.
  • A weight loss exercise program. We make it easy to understand what exercise will work best for you and ease you into a program for success.
  • Counselling to pinpoint causes for emotional eating. Obesity is a disease affected by emotional reasoning and habits that can be changed with proper support from a bariatric psychologist.
  • Weight loss medication. Prescription medication can be helpful to achieve weight loss.

Who will benefit from our consultations?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple calculation which divides your weight with your height. It is an easy way to determine whether you need to lose weight.

BMI from 25 – 30

Overweight patients needing to lose 10-15 kilos to get back to a healthy BMI range will benefit from My Weight Loss Specialist programs that guide patients towards healthier eating and exercise routines.

BMI above 30

These patients require more intensive, urgent and comprehensive care, which Dr Daiva and her team of experts will offer.

Our approach

Our qualified weight loss advice advocates a holistic perspective to overcome both physical and mental barriers to achieving your weight loss goals.

We also guide patients toward long-term success with A to Z comprehensive care from our weight loss specialist team, including a bariatric physician, dietician, psychologist and if required, a surgeon.

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