My Weight Loss Specialists’ program steps Helping you to lose weight and keep it off for good. Start your weight loss journey today.

Why choose My Weight Loss Specialists’ weight loss program

  • A holistic approach to weight loss. We consider your physical, emotional health, lifestyle and medical history.
  • A team of medical experts. A team which includes a bariatric physician, psychologist, dietician and if necessary, a surgeon. We offer only the most evidence-based treatments proven to help you lose weight and keep it off for good.
  • Independent, no strings attached advice and support. We are committed to offering unpressured, non-judgmental advice on weight loss management, where you will always feel supported and understood.
  • Developing skills for lifetime change. Obesity is a chronic medical condition which requires ongoing lifetime management. Our weight loss programs will teach you how to change your diet and establish regular physical exercise routines.

How My Weight Loss Specialists programs work

Our programs offer advice and support to kick those calories and lose weight easily and safely.

Kick Starter Consultation

Dr Daiva will perform your Body Composition scan with our sophisticated InBody 770 body composition analyser. This will be followed by a consultation, explaining the scan results to you and the overview of your future weight loss management steps. Some tests might be ordered during this consultation.

Create Your Program

Follow up consultation. Dr Daiva will assess your medical and family history, and previous weight loss attempts. Recent test results will be reviewed and various weight loss options will be discussed.

Track Your Progress

A structured weight loss program will be designed and tailored to your individual needs. A follow-up appointment schedule will be provided.

Support And Assistance

Over the coming weeks and months, your My Weight Loss Specialists’ program team will guide you and support you through the challenges and achievements of your weight loss journey.


Maintenance of your healthy weight with ongoing support from our team. You can celebrate your weight loss achievements every step of the way toward a healthy and fulfilling, longer life.

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Our commitment to you

  • Non-judgmental advice and support. Science has proven obesity is a disease. This is NOT your fault. We know you want to change. Our duty is to help you understand your choices better and support you through challenges and guide you towards success in the long-term.
  • We listen. You will always feel listened to and respected. We take the time to understand your needs and goals so you will always feel assured you have the correct health information at hand.
  • You are more than your weight. We are committed to providing holistic, personalised and professional care that is based on a complete understanding of you. We see all the interrelated pressures in your life, what happened in the past and what you are facing today. We tailor our programs based on the bigger picture so you have more chance of success.
  • Always here. We see ourselves as your team, to empower and to support you. Our programs guide you over several weeks, with regular appointments scheduled to help keep you on track but also to discuss the challenges and how to overcome them. Ultimately, though, this is your program and you can turn to us as often or as little as you need.

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